We are on a journey to become more eco conscious to care for our world of tomorrow. We are making changes to what we do and offer to become more green.

Eco Local Deliveries

We are on a mission to be greener and will be operating a bucket return scheme for our local deliveries. This reduces the amount of packaging and water we use, helping the environment and giving you the maximum amount of flowers in your design.

How it works:

All our bouquets delivered local will be in a returnable bucket, flowers will be handed over with “naked” stems if the recipient is at home at home or left in a returnable bucket if they are not. Buckets can be returned to the shop at your convenience, either pop them into us during opening hours or we will have a bucket drop outside the shop when we are closed.

Don't panic!!!! Still need an aqua pack and gift bag, these are still available as an option on our hand-ties, just add this on to your basket.

Vase Scheme

Want to use less packaging? Bring us a vase for your hand- tied flowers to be arranged into, this will eliminate the use of any packaging for your order. As a reward we will give you 10% off your order.

Don’t worry we have a large selection of vases you can purchase with your first order and then keep reusing. Also check out our range of eco vases, which are made from recycled glass.

Remember size does matter when it comes to vases!!!! You’ll need a larger vase for larger designs.

English Flowers

We love to stock as many English flowers as possible and they have a reduced carbon footprint and support our flower industry. They are also always so gorgeous!!!!! The English growing season can be variable so do ask what English flowers we have in stock.

Other Green Commitments

We recycle our green waste, cellophane, cardboard and any other recyclable packaging we get in the shop. We try to avoid using floral foam as much as possible by introducing new techniques to create our designs and displays in our eco range,and always looking to stock and use greener materials and sundry items; we don’t refrigerate our flowers to avoid wasting energy, and by buying our flowers so exceptionally fresh, their longer vase life is also positive. Moving into our new shop meant we use all LED lighting and we are planning to introduce electric vans for our delivery service when possible.

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