Your bridal bouquet design is a once in a lifetime accessory. They are a reflection of your style and theme of your wedding. I've had the privilege over the years of crafting countless bridal bouquets, and each one is as unique as the bride herself. Your bouquet should not only enhance your beauty but also tell your love story.

you are the star of the show

Your wedding day is a canvas, and your bouquet is the brushstrokes that add colour and fragrance to the masterpiece. I believe that in the delicate petals and the vibrant hues, we can capture the essence of your love and the promises you're making on your special day.

Your love story in custom bouquets

Your wedding gown sets the tone for the entire celebration, as your bridesmaids' attire complements the theme. We encourage you to bring a photograph of your wedding dress, as well as images or descriptions of your bridesmaids' dresses when you visit us. This way, we can deliver your bouquet that beautifully harmonises with your chosen style and colours, adding a personal touch to your special day.

Free complementary appointment

We extend a warm invitation for a complimentary bespoke consultation at our studio in Berkshire. Our studio serves as a treasure trove of inspiration, housing an array of fresh blooms, vases, props, candles, and a showcase of past bridal bouquets. It's a haven for everything you could envision for your wedding day, and more.

Planning your venue

On your special day, we take care of the seamless transportation of all your cherished flowers to your chosen venues, and if required, we can also deliver personal flowers to a separate address. Our expert design team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth setup at your venue, entirely focused on bringing your unique vision to life.

Reliable, knowledgeable advice

We've had the privilege designing for esteemed venues such as Cliveden House, Stokes Farm Barn, Cantley House Hotel, Eton College, Royal Berkshire, Hilton Hotels, Silchester House, and many more venues throughout Berkshire, Hampshire and London. In turn, we can offer you the latest and most fitting advice for your wedding day, ensuring your bouquet is a perfect match for your special celebration.

Contact our floral designers to discuss your bridal bouquets

Call our design team on 01189 796 019 to discuss your bridal bouquets arrangements and book your free complementary, no obligation consultation and discover what your wedding is missing with Funky Flowers.

After your consultation, you will receive an emailed quotation, including our recommended prices and terms and conditions.

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